This indicator will show New Zealanders’ non-monetary economic standard of living.

Material wellbeing

This indicator shows New Zealanders’ economic standard of living using a non-monetary indicator called the Material Wellbeing Index (MWI). The MWI is made up of 24 items that each give information on the day to day living conditions that households experience. They are about the basics such as food, clothes, accommodation, electricity, transport, keeping warm, maintaining household appliances in working order, and so on, and also about the freedoms households report to purchase and consume non-essentials that are commonly aspired to. The MWI score ranges from 0–35 with higher scores showing higher material wellbeing.

This indicator shows the percentage of people living in households that have a material wellbeing index score of 15 or more.

In 2019,

of people report good or very good material wellbeing.

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Good material wellbeing is a material wellbeing index score of 15 or more. Series (low) and series (high) refer to the lower and upper confidence limits at the 95% level.

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