Te ao Māori

Partnering with Māori to reflect values, beliefs, and customs

The idea of wellbeing is an intrinsic and fundamental part of te ao Māori – a Māori world view. Incorporating wellbeing from te ao Māori perspectives is vital for Ngā Tūtohu Aotearoa – Indicators Aotearoa New Zealand. It enhances the relevance and richness of the indicator set for Aotearoa New Zealand.

Stats NZ is committed to further developing the set of indicators to incorporate concepts of wellbeing from a te ao Māori perspective. It is proposed that iwi and Māori partner with Stats NZ to develop a suite of indicators that support iwi and Māori strategic directions within a Treaty of Waitangi partnership context, and reflect a te ao Māori wellbeing vision for Aotearoa New Zealand.



Te ao Māori relates to the Māori world view. It considers whakapapa (the familial and spiritual connections with all things) and is informed by life experiences – encompassing not just what is known but also how something is known. It is the cultural affi


Ma pango ma whero, ka oti te mahi.
With black and with red, the work is completed.

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